viernes, 16 de mayo de 2008

Best soups in town.

Genoma has been around for about 6 years now. However I didn't ever visit it until last year when chef Guillermo Gonzalez had me over for lunch. That time I had my first taste of the Genoma soups: Mex/Thai mussels.

Simply put, it was just mussels and their cooking juices. Those juices however, were delicious. The chefs at Genoma nailed a nice combo mixing mexican chilies with coconut milk. It was the priciest soup on their menu (which can be understood, because of the mussels) but it was definitely worth it. If my wife wasn't allergic to coconut, I would've had it more often. Alas, it's off the menu now.

Another "regular" is their Roast tomato soup with fried feta and pesto. Sure, it's a simple soup, but it's the best tomato soup in this town. Hands down. This has become my wife's favorite soup and she will have it every time we're there.

Genoma also features an onion soup dubbed: Three Onion soup. I haven't had a taste of this one since... well it's soupe a l'oignon. I'll just give you the description: Red, White and Green onion soup with gruyere and baguette.

Recently (I think) Genoma has added a prix-fixe menu that's an excellent value with very good meal choices. It's from that menu that I've had my most recent soup choices, and they've been all so good

First up, Curried Mussel Cream with fried mussels, and apple. I think this is my favorite version of a dish including mussels and curry. It used to be a regular combination in our residence hall repertoire at IPB, but Genoma's soup was much more delicate and elegant. So much I should probably be ashamed at not coming up with something.

Finally, the most recent addition to the Genoma Repertoire: Tortilla Soup. The mexican classic is most often found in it's original state. I had seen a spin off this in a Regional restaurant in Saltillo that while good, it wasn't great. Genoma's doesn't try to distance itself from the original so much but manages to to leave an impression. It consists of a richer, thicker soup that's a far cry from the usual broth. The soup however is much tastier. As for the accoutrements, they're the classic tortilla chips. This time, they're multicolored and cut in a julienne that makes it also much easier to eat.

If you're ever around, stop by Genoma, even if it's just for the soup.

On an unrelated note: Go Foie Gras! Kudos to Chicago!

lunes, 12 de mayo de 2008

Mother's day dinner

Yet another menu... it was a really simple thing this time.
Tomato and Watermelon
12 yr. Balsámico

Beet soup

Almond Citrus crusted Bassa
Cranberry-Onion Compote
Whole wheat spaghetti

Chocolate and Caramel Mousse.

I miss TGRWT events...