miércoles, 31 de octubre de 2007


So, I have had a lot of time to think, but none to execute. This leads to more thinking and thus, more ideas. One of those inspired by the fact that I lack an Ice-cream maker here...

The original idea was to make a cauliflower crème brulée and serve it with a bitter cocoa sorbet. The fact that I don't have my machine here has led me to think that I could do a "cremeux" in it's place.

More Ideas have come along so far. Some of them are:

  • Cauliflower Gnocci, cocoa sauce: Just a thought really.
  • Cocoa macaron with cauliflower cream: Now I'm really getting in deep... I've never even made macarons.

Anyhoo, more to come when I actually get in the kitchen.

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brian dijo...

Macarons are great because they're cheap and quick to make, whether or not you succeed, so they're very economical things to learn. I would humbly point you to a couple entries I posted while learning to make them myself:

Fig & Anise Macarons
Fresno Chile & Chevre Macarons

The first of those also links to David Lebovitz's post about chocolate macarons.

It would be relatively straightforward to make chocolate & cauliflower macarons, so long as you make the shell with the cocoa and the filling out of the cauliflower. Getting cauliflower essence into the shell would be more work.

Seriously, make a bunch of different flavors. They're fun, inexpensive, quick (I can knock out a batch of shells in 20 minutes now!) and rewarding, when you get the shells perfectly domed, the little feet forming just right, the texture perfect.

Roberto N. dijo...

Thank you brian, that was very helpful. I did cut a lot of corners when making mine and the result was tragic...