jueves, 31 de enero de 2008

TGRWT #8 - The one I didn't do...

So the deadline's long gone, and I didn't do it. I came up with a couple of ideas but time and economic constraints stopped me from doing it. Here's the one I was almost sure I was going to do.

At first I had thought up of a fish dish that would be a spin-off of Alain Senderens' Homard a la vanille. I have it written down somewhere. Sometime later, the idea for an "edible cocktail" came to mind, based on the idea that vodka and caviar also go well together. So, without further ado here it is:

White Chocolate and Caviar "Martini"

250 mL White Chocolate Liqueur
250mL Vanilla infused Vodka
10 g gelatin sheets (4.7%)

The idea is to set the different liquids in layers, then cut into bite-sized pieces. Top with a small quenelle of caviar.

I hope to actually get to make this one sometime...

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