martes, 19 de febrero de 2008


It's on again! This time it's being hosted by Robert @ lamiacucina. The flavor combination is Parmesan and Chocolate/cocoa.

At first I thought of Masaharu Morimoto's recipe. But Martin had already published that one back in the days of the first TGRWT. Another interesting find is Francesco Schintu's lasagna recipe. But I don't think I'll be working along the lines of any of them.

I would like to include a third element into the combination. Morimoto's added prosciutto and Schintu's include, well pretty much everything that's in pesto. Honestly basil's not a terrible idea.

According to the old google search, other possible ingredients include pork, beef, hazelnut, potato and others.

Another source for inspiration, is obviously foodpairing.

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