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Goat Cheese Flan

Goat Cheese Flan
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Here's the recipe for a piece I wrote on Sugar Savvy:

Goat Cheese Flan with Orange Purée and Pistacchio Crumble

Goat Cheese Flan:
100g. Condensed Sweetened Milk
100g. Goat Cheese
200g. Evaporated Milk
80g. Heavy Cream
4 Eggs.

Blend all the ingredients. Pour into molds, cook at 175°C until set.

Orange Purée:
Cut one orange in eight parts. Simmer in simple syrup along with a branch of rosemary. Blend while adjusting the consistency and taste with the syrup, pass through a fine mesh sieve. Reserve.

Pistacchio Crumbs:
Equal Parts Ground Pistacchio, Flour, Butter and Sugar. Mix until it resembles a coarse sand. Bake at 150°C until dry and just slightly golden.

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