lunes, 9 de marzo de 2009

TGRWT #16: Chicken and Rose

Markus from Supernova Condensate is the host for round #16 of TGRWT. As you all probably know by now, TGRWT is a blogging event where we're challenged to come up with dishes that combine ingredients that may not seem like a good match, but should match according to their OAV's. 

It may sound a little complicated, but once you get past the previous ideas you may have about ingredients going together with others, it can be quite fun. 

For this round, Markus is inviting us to combine Chicken and Rose.  As he states, rose is an ingredient that is used fairly often in Middle Eastern and Oriental cuisines. Mexican cuisine also has a few recipes using roses. Some of them made famous by Laura Esquivel's Book: Like Water for Chocolate

So there you go, stop by Markus' blog to get the details on how to join in this time. Deadline is April 1st!