miércoles, 2 de septiembre de 2009

Mexican menu in the works

Mexican Independence Day is just around the corner. So we're taking a shot at making our first multi-course menu for the whole restaurant. We're thinking of doing a 5 course menu, details about service are still to be decided. Heck, the whole menu is still to be decided. But here's a sneak peek:

Griddled Jalapeño Panela
Roasted Pumpkin seeds
Margarita Serrano Vinaigrette

Green Pozole
Chicken Confit
Radish Salad

Bacon fat plancha Shrimp
Frijoles Puercos
Cotija Frico

Braised Short Rib
Nixtamal Gnocchi
Corn Purée
Colorado Chile Sauce

Vanilla Panna Cotta
Tamarind Gel
Peanut Praline Sauce
Coffee Ice

I'm still working on this. When it's done, I'll try to re-post here and at the restaurant's blog.

P.S. A note of credit: Thanks to the Ideas in food twitter feed for the gnocchi.