sábado, 27 de febrero de 2010


A week ago, Chef Mauricio Martínez suffered an accident that left in in a grave state. Unfortunately, Mauricio has no assurance or social security benefits, so all the medical expenses have to be covered by his friends and family. The cost of his medical attention has been significant since we're dealing with neurosurgery.

Antonio Márquez of LMA FoodConcepts and Edna Alanis of CEC Roccatti have been working to set up a help network and raise the funds needed to help the Martínez family.

The bank account where people may send help is:
Luis Arturo Martinez Carreon
00 105 922 437
Clabe 044 18000 105 922 4372

Another way to help is attending to the benefit dinner hosted by Adrián Herrera at the Fonda San Francisco. It will take place tuesday, march the 2nd. Reservations can be made through Ada Guillén at (81)8336 6706.